locked Re: JTAlert missing "bands" = 4m-band

Tom Melvin

No no settings for 4m

4m Support I have been told will be in V3

With the recent Es over here as you guy will be familiar with it shows how handy JTAlert is. I really miss it on 70Mhz.

I got round it slightly by using one copy of WSJT-X dedicated to 4m, make sure all your 4m calls are in adf file. Set wsjt-x colours for new grid etc. and use it as a monitor - see a call, switch over to main system and work them, update adf file. Long winded I know but save a lot of ‘new grid’ warnings.




On 3 Jun 2020, at 20:04, Willi Passmann <wpassmann@web.de> wrote:

Am 03.06.2020 um 17:57 schrieb Norbert Graf - DD3KF:
I support this request to include the 4m tape in your very useful program JTAlert.
I already wondered if I missed a setting that would activate 4m...

I support this suggestion.

vy 73,
Willi, DJ6JZ

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