locked Re: JTAlert missing "bands" = 4m-band

Norbert Graf - DD3KF

Hello, Laurie,

I support this request to include the 4m tape in your very useful program JTAlert.


In Europe the activity on this band is increasing. One reason is certainly that in the meantime transceivers with 4m capabilities are available, e.g. ICOM IC 7100, IC 7300 or Kenwood TS 890S.

To prove the increased activity on 4m here is the number of 4 digit GRID┬┤s I worked May 2020 (using indoor antennas):
- 6m 170,
- 4m 70.

I often work with 2 instances of WSJT-X and JTAlert at the same time on 6m and 4m.

It is very irritating that on 4m every station that has not been worked before is signalled as NEW GRID.

In my opinion, the inclusion of the 4m band in JTALert would be a great enhancement and a great benefit to the users.

I sincerely hope that this request is feasible, perhaps in the future version 3.

TU es 73!

According to my observations the digital modes on 23 cm and above are not used very often. An extension to these bands is not necessary in my opion.

Norbert Graf
D D 3 K F
Ringstr. 32
52078 Aachen

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Betreff: [HamApps] JTAlert missing "bands" = 4m-band

Hello JTAlert-Team,

I have been using JTAlert together with JTDX for quite some time now and I enjoy it very much. I can no longer imagine FT8 without JTAlert.
So thank you very much for this excellent tool.

Unfortunately the 4m-band (70MHz) is missing under "bands".
Could you please add this ?

Many thanks in advance

Have further much fun with the common hobby.

73, Wilhelm (DL5MCG)

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