locked Re: Worked B4 sometimes not working

Steve Weeks AA8SW

Laurie - I have noted two different anomalies repeatedly since loading rc3.  

1.  The one previously discussed in other messages, where JTAlert shows B4 entries colored correctly (grey in my case) but the coloring sporadically shows up on some, but not all, of the corresponding entries in the WSJT-X Band Activity list.

2.  Not all of the time, but not rarely either, the first 1 to 3 entries in the Band Activity window for a cycle do not show up at all in the JTAlert boxes.  Typically this happens when such early entries are very strong (+15 dB or higher) and I am guessing it may be a timing issue.  rc3 now displays decodes as they are decoded rather than collecting all of them for a phase of decoding and putting them in frequency order to display, and it starts the first phase of decoding (of the 3 phases that it now uses) before the 12.6 second Tx window is even completed.  If there are strong signals, they are decoded first and come out much earlier in the cycle than in prior versions, possibly (just a guess) before JTAlert is expecting them.

Maybe these issues are related.

Thank you for your amazing efforts in developing and maintaining this essential product.

73, Steve AA8SW

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