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On 31/05/2020 7:04 pm, Norbert Graf - DD3KF wrote:


unfortunately I have an issue with your very useful program JTAlert.


My working environment:

- Windows 10, 64 bit

- WSJT-X 2.2.0 RC3

- JTAlert 2.16.6

- HRD Log, logging via JTAlert.



- Stations logged and worked B4 are correctly displayed in JTAlert.

- Unfortunately, the information worked B4 randomly is not displayed in the WSJT-X Band Activity window.

- Occasionally, this indicator is missing for a station , although it was displayed correctly in other slots.

- I have cleared the B4 cache. This will not cause any changes.


I include a screen shot of a typical situation. Pse see CT3MD.


What can I do?


TU for your help.





Norbert Graf

D D 3 K F


The lack of B4 coloring in WSJT-X when the corresponding Callsign in JTAlert does get colored is very likely an issue within WSJT-X or a disruption to the coloring UDP message sent from JTAlert to WSJT-X. I do know that the new 2.2.0 release candidates included internal changes involving decode coloring. I am only guessing that may be the problem as I can't see how JTAlert is not sending the instruction as it is always sent immediately after JTAlert colors the callsign in its own display.

de Laurie VK3AMA

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