locked Re: Worked B4 sometimes not working

Paul A. Ramey

I am running the following.

6 core CPU, WIN10. N4PY SW, HRD for logging and WSJT-X and JTalert all current ver.

I operate FT8 and MSK144 most of the time.

While working openings on 6M FT8 I sometimes will work and log a station and do not get a B4 when I see them again.

They are in my log and in some cases already confirmed via LOTW.

gWhen I see them again I click on them like I am going to work them again. I then stop the TX and just log them again. When they are added to my log I just delete the entry. Then the B4 works like it should.

I do not see this very often but I do see it. To me it is more like a bump in the road, not a bug.

Paul Ramey
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