locked Worked B4 Not Working

Charles Ristorcelli

I posted this issue before.

The reply to my post was that I be more specific on the software I am using.


Here is the architecture.

Transceiver YAESU FT-5000MPDX

Intel I9 processor; 16 GB RAM; 1 TB Hard drive

Windows 10 64 bit;   Ham Radio Deluxe V. Release;   WSJT-X V 2.100068f9 ;  JT Alert V 2.16.6

The issue I have is that JT Alert does not show Worked Before status, whether I worked the contact last week, or worked it immediately and then the staion continued active but was not so shown.

All the software versions prior to the recent JT Alert upgrade showed the same issue starting about 1 month ago.

The issue continues with JT Alert Version 2.6.16

Looking forward to VK3AMA assist.

73 de NN3V

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