locked Re: Worked B4 sometimes not working

Laurie, VK3AMA

On 27/05/2020 1:03 pm, Paul AC9O wrote:
Definitely in the log. When I display the pop-up, it shows as worked too. In ACLog, when I start a contact, it lists the prior contacts so I can see it right away. 

Doesn't happen all the time, but seems to be more frequent. Very intermittent. Perhaps it some kind of a timing issue with the multiple decode passes in the new version of WSJT-X?

Thanks for looking.

Paul, AC9O

  1. What Mode, FT4 or FT8 or is it both?

  2. Does clearing the B4 cache (via the Alerts menu near the top) correct this B4 non-display?

  3. If clearing the B4 cache does not correct the B4 non-display, please as a test restart JTAlert, does the affect Callsign correctly show the B4 after the JTAlert restart?

Let me know the answer to these three questions.

de Laurie VK3AMA

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