locked Re: Linux Question

Robert Rampolla

Yes I was watching the task manager while operating and cut out many behind the scenes stuff and it still periodically had some big usages by Windows itself. Sometimes 100% cpu usage. The machine is a 1 year old Asus Windows 10 machine with 4 gig of ram and a 500 gig hdd. I am planning on upgrading it to its max of 12 gig of ram but that will not change anything for the dual core AMD CPU. Its two levels of cache are just stacking up too much when I run rig control, WSJTX and ACLog.  If I do not run JTAlertx  or log into ACLog no issues. This leaves me manually importing the log from WSJTX to ACLog.  That is not terrible but you loose the opportunity to see the contact's info prior to logging it and you lose the IM capability as well.

There are plenty of download packages containing WSJTX, FLRig and FLDigi so that is not an issue.  I might have to learn how to run the windows version in Wine.

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