locked Incorrectly Identifying DXCC Entities Worked

Jeff - G4IUA

WSJT-X (v2.2.0-rc1), Log4OM v2 (, JTAlert (2.16.6) – all latest releases. 


I’m not sure what I have set up incorrectly.  I want JTAlert to change colour to indicate a DXCC entity needed on the band on which I’m operating.  ATM I’m seeing some (but not all) DXCC entities showing in yellow when I’ve definitely worked that entity before.  Log4OM correctly confirms this.  JTAlert is pointing to the SQLite file used by Log4OM so there shouldn’t be any discrepancy there, and I’ve manually scanned it as well. 


In ‘Wanted DXCC/Individual Bands’ I have ‘Tracking: By Individual Band’, and ‘Any Mode’ selected.  All bands in use are ticked. As I click on a band (20, 17, 15 etc) the right hand side box shows the countries needed and the ‘Wanted’ number changes.  When I select ‘Applications/WSJT-X/JTDX’ and tick the box ‘Colour Band Activity Callsigns….alert colours’ the callsign is sometimes shown in yellow.  It’s just somehow identifying SOME already worked entities as new ones.  Note that many are correct ‘worked before’ DXCC entities and are highlighted green.  Any suggestions?


Jeff – G4IUA


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