locked Adding Callsigns to Ignored List when using Multiple Instances

Stewart Wilkinson

There appears to be a problem when trying to add Ignored Callsigns when using a 2nd Instance of JTAlert.

I often have 2 instances of JTAlert and WSJT-X running with different radio's, the 9700 on 2m and the 7300 on HF or 6m.

On the 2nd instance if I right click on a callsign in JTAlert and select  'Add to Ignored Callsign List' it says it has added it, but appears to not do so (or perhaps only do it on a temporary basis) - the only way to try to check seems to be to open the 'Ignored Callsigns' list from the first instance to find that the added callsign does not appear- I have checked and it does not appear if I close both instances and restart one of them. 

Although I've not tested - I assume this applies to the other lists too.

Stewart G0LGS

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