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Tom Job

Hi Ian…


The ~ indicates your mode ( but it doesn’t seem to be there in mine since I ugraded.  Used to be ~ or # or@ to indicate the mode.  Now it seems to just spell it out)


17m is obviously the band


DXK is your logger (DXKeeper  I guess)


Dunno what the F is for


#1 means you are using the first log (you may have others)


The ! means you have updates


Below is mine….





From: [] On Behalf Of VE3JI
Sent: May 23, 2020 10:56
Subject: [HamApps] Windows Title Bar


Hi All

I was wondering what the items in the left side of the Windows Title Bar are ?

My current one is :

JTAlert 2.16.4 VE3JI [~, 17M,DXK,F,#1] (!)

I understand what most of the items are but was wondering what the ... ~ ... F ... and the (!)  are 

thanks Ian VE3JI

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