locked Re: UDP Messages to GridTracker


I'm a long time JTA User and have just looked at GridTracker cuz I like the graphic look of the activity.   I just enabled the JTA rebroadcast to a port 1240 which was there from earlier setup with Log4OMv2 which I no longer use.  Put that port in GridTracker and away I go.  I did read a message from GridTracker author Tag, that UDP being sent were only good for info only.  Since I don't yet know what it's all about, I don't care because it works to see the map.  JTA does all the other stuff.   So since I'm running with setup per JTA help for Log4OMv2, which does not includes using UDP 2237....I switched my rebroadcast port from JTA to 2237 which is what GridTracker likes, and put it back in GridTracker to match, and it works fine.   I'm still only interested in the map, but maybe I will get whatever else.  Good luck.  It works. Send me an email if it helps.  73 Herb WB8ASI

On May 20, 2020 at 4:48 PM Jim WA3ERQ <wa3erq@...> wrote:

For some reason it only works on 2237.  Don't know why.  I changed to 2239 since 2238 is also being used but when I have it on 2237 and just enter into the Applications settings, it sends "one" message only.  When I changed to another port in both applications, nothing happens even when I take the same steps as using 2237 (strange).  I believe that it has to do with JTAlert only sending one initial message and not rebroadcasting the packets.    GridTracker is able to receive but JTAlert only sends one packet when I enter into the settings menu.



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