locked Re: UDP Messages to GridTracker

Dave Garber

I have jtalert listening on 2237 from wsjtx, then I tell it to rebroadcast to 2239 to gridtracker, on a different ip address
so wsjtx must have 2237 ( with the check boxes marked )
in jtalert I have set 2239 under the rebroadcast option, under applications in the setup

if i decide to run on same pc, all I do is change the ip number

also have upd from gridtracker sending spots to a tablet on 2238 with the tablets ip number

Dave Garber

On Wed, May 20, 2020 at 4:49 PM Jim WA3ERQ <wa3erq@...> wrote:
For some reason it only works on 2237.  Don't know why.  I changed to 2239 since 2238 is also being used but when I have it on 2237 and just enter into the Applications settings, it sends "one" message only.  When I changed to another port in both applications, nothing happens even when I take the same steps as using 2237 (strange).  I believe that it has to do with JTAlert only sending one initial message and not rebroadcasting the packets.    GridTracker is able to receive but JTAlert only sends one packet when I enter into the settings menu.


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