locked Software updates gone wrong

G. E. Janssens - K5WW <k5ww@...>

Hi Laurie,
The email I wanted to send you last night, but forgot:
Yesterday I fired up JT-Alert-X, version 2.2.0. Seconds later, in its status bar, I saw the "updates!" message.
So I went to the Settings and the Program Updates, and saw that version 2.2.2 was available. I clicked the button and the upgrade installer was downloaded.
That installer was executed shortly thereafter. It asked me for the installation path, etc., everything good so far.
After some more time however I got an "error" message, more like a "request" message, really. The installer (among other things) told me that it couldn't update JT-Alert because it was in use (true). The only option I had was to shut JT-Alert down via the Task Manager (XP SP3).

After it was shut down I clicked the Retry button. The update program started over; but this time told me that it couldn't continue because the installer itself was running! I could have shut that down with Task Manager too, but it would have been pointless; because I'd only end up back on square one, with the same problem.
So I ended up shutting down everything, and downloaded the update from your website, then ran it. That, of course, went smooth as always.
I've had this problem before, many months ago, when I wanted to update the "old" JT-Alert. The problem was the same, the solution too. I don't know if this problem is unique to my PC; I've never seen anyone else mention it (but you probably know I joined the mailing list quite late).
Regardless, I did a Yahoo list search, and came up with nothing...
Bug? Or buggy PC?
Thanks, 73,
Erik - K5WW

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