locked Re: Regarding JTAlert 2.16.5 randomly stopping display of Callsigns

Botz Care

I have the same issue. Both on the 32 and 64 bit version.

This morning I reinstalled again (64 bit) and after first test it took 7 minutes till it didn’t showed the callsigns anymore in Jtalert 2.16.5.

Second time after restarting it all it took much longer, about 40 minutes or so.

Hope you can send me the fix too Laurie so I can test that out.


Thanks in advance,

Ivan , PD0AI

Report to Laurie:

Just been testing the new beta 4 hours none stop with WSJTX 2.2.0 RC1.
So far all seems okay to me now. All callsigns still being refreshed every cycle.
Logging to QRZ eQSL HRDLOG also no hickups.

Thanks alot for the fix :)

Ivan PD0AI

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