locked One of many Great JTA Features: Right Click "Open Browser to QRZ.com Callsign page"

Mark W2OR

One of many Great JTA Features is using "Open Browser to QRZ.com Callsign page".  Two Questions on that:

    (1) When we right click on a callsign in JTA's Decodes View, we get some great options, including the above terrific option for viewing QRZ.com info.  Thank you.  Don't change that feature.  Well, maybe just a bit: Each time this right click feature is used for various call signs, a new, separate QRZ.com browser tab is opened for each callsign.  In so doing, repeatedly, there remains on the screen many unneeded opened tabs; unnecessarily so.  Here, the preference would be for just one browser tab to be opened, the same tab used for each use of the feature. This option probably already exists, somewhere, if someone could kindly let me know how to make that possible. Thanks.  See below.
     (2)  If using the above option could possibly also be arranged to activate the connected apps, DXView and DXPathfinder, without activating WSJT's "Enable Tx" button, that would be terrific.  With that in mind, yes, there is a WSJT setting "Double Click on call sets Tx Enable" which, if turned 'OFF', will do all of the above activations perfectly when clicking on a callsign on the WSJT-x main screen.  Yes.  Thank you.  That's terrific.  However, for other (good) reasons here, that WSJT "Tx Enable" setting is to remain 'ON' at all times.

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