locked Re: V 2.16.5 stops working

Stephen - K6SJT

I'm having same issue - If  I close JTAlert and re-open it works fine for another period of time. 

Haven't been able to determine exact reason it 'stops' but have feeling that if JTA is just sitting their it works OK, but if I make a (1) QSO (2) log a QSO (3) change modes, or (4) change bands, it stops working within a minute or two. I've tried to determine pattern, but unusually intermittent issue.

I've been in operation with this system on FT8, then FT4, since August 2017 and this is first time an issue has developed. 

Kenwood TS-590SG - Computer: CPU and Memory usage never above 50% - DELL with i3 4030 CPU 1.90GHz w/12GB RAM, Windows 10 x64 - 1909, WSJT-X  2.2.0 rc1, HRD

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