locked Re: FT8 vs FT4 Alerts

Larry Banks

FT8 and FT4 are separate modes and are logged as such in LoTW.

73 -- Larry -- W1DYJ


From: VE3JI
Sent: Thursday, May 14, 2020 11:49
Subject: [HamApps] FT8 vs FT4 Alerts
Hi All

I have the Flex 6600, slice master, 2 copies of WSJT-x v 2.1.2, 2 copies of JT Alert v 2.16.4 integrated with DX Keeper running FT8 and it is all working great. I have just setup FT4 on both copies of WSJT-x ... all works great.

My question is how does WSJT-x and JT Alert notify me about new countries etc. are they separate colour schemes. Is FT8 and FT4 considered separate modes ?  I see that the WSJT-x and DX Keeper and eQSL log them as separated modes.  I am assuming that in LoTW .... FT8 an FT4 are the same and are logged as DIGI

any help on this would be great


73, Ian VE3JI

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