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On 11/05/2020 1:16 pm, aa7g.gert@... wrote:
The JTAlert Call database shows that I operate from MN but the thing is I have never had an address in that state. I don´t know why I have been associated with that state in the call database. There are no official sources that lists me in MN whatsoever and there never have been. Someone must have added AA7G in MN to the call database so can that someone please correct my call to show ME instead since I do all my FT8 operating from Maine. Thank you in advance,

Gert, AA7G with FCC address in Oregon but operating from Maine


Your in the database as "MN" because there is an override for your callsign in the code, overriding the FCC reported State. Your Callsign and several other US hams have overrides being applied. These are only done when I have been contacted personally requesting an FCC listed State override.

My guess is that I mistakenly wrote "MN" instead of "ME" when you first requested the override (I no longer have that email to confirm the request details).
That change has now been made.
This is a direct copy of the relevant hard-coded SQL instruction that will get run every time the database is built...
"UPDATE [data] SET [state] = 'ME' WHERE [call] = 'AA7G';"
FWIW, you should consider updating your QRZ data as it lists you as in "OR" and JTAlert users will log you as in "OR" if they are using the QRZ XML service. That's is your QRZ data is also wrong and needs correcting. The same goes for your HamQTH listing as it is also wrong.

de Laurie VK3AMA

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