locked Re: Km vs Miles

Jim Cooper

Indeed, it IS hidden in plain sight !!!


On 11 May 2020 at 11:10, Mark W2OR via groups.io wrote:

> Yes. And "Hidden in plain sight"  still applies here, as well.
> Here, I attempted to change the
> distance column today from 'km' to
> miles, using the instructions
> outlined in below messages, but that
> column still reappears as km.  So, I
> restarted JTA twice, to possibly help
> with a reset.  Each time it returns
> as 'km'.  And each time, in checking
> the "Decoded Callsign Data Tooltip"
> tab, the option "show distance in
> miles" was, in fact, already enabled
> for miles.  Yet the Distance column
> label and the distance numbers, are
> still in km.  Hmm.  The solution is
> hiding in front of my nose
> somewhere.


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