locked Re: Zones Problem

Jim N6VH


See my reply to Herb. As a test, I logged N3BNA from WSJT-X / JTAlert to Log4OM. Without using lookups, the zones were logged correctly. When I turned on lookups from QRZ, the QSO was logged with wrong zones since N3BNA doesn't have zones listed on QRZ. As i mentioned to Herb, this is A Log4OM problem, not WSJT-X or JTAlert.


Jim N6VH

On 5/9/2020 7:58 PM, Dave Garber wrote:
Again, I say I had the same issue, and tried to report it on the log4om forum.  never saw an answer yet.  I suspect an issue with adi from jtalert, as to how they are handling it, cause jtalert shows correct info ( per qrz anyway), but it is not the info logged.

perhaps if more add to the forum complaint THEY will look into it, please then I will return to the software

Dave Garber

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