locked Re: AutoIt Error Line 3139

Dave Garber

I think you misunderstood the 'run as administrator' has nothing to do with being an administrator in windows

if you right click on program, and select properties, make sure running as admin is untoggled, on both jtalert, and wsjtx, and your logging shortcut as well

Dave Garber

On Sat, May 2, 2020 at 11:15 AM Don Roden <donroden@...> wrote:

After several WSJT-X uninstalls and reinstalls, JT Alert still will 
not connect.

The error box opens and reads :

AutoIt Error:
Line 3139 ( file "C:\Program Files ( x86 ) \ HamApps\ JT Alert \ JT 
Alert.exe )
Error : Variable used without being declared.

Sometimes, when I am quick enough to click on the menu bar of JT 
Alert, and Alert stays up, WSJT-X decodes will transfer down to the 
Alret call sign boxes, but then another error message says that UDP is 
not properly configured in WSJT-X.

Nothing has been changed...  All defaults are there and port 2237

Originally.... I was using my one account on this computer and it was 
the Administrator.     Someone suggested that WSJT-X and Alret can't 
be run from the administrator's account    ( ???? What ?  and if so... 
WHY ? )

So, I  deleted all USERS ( and associated AppsData  )  Uninstalled both
created a second account  ( NOT administrator privileges )
Reloaded both softwares  ... same results.

Do I need to have a logging program running to make WSJT-X and JT 
Alert happy ?

What am I missing ?


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