locked AutoIt Error Line 3139

Don Roden


After several WSJT-X uninstalls and reinstalls, JT Alert still will not connect.

The error box opens and reads :

AutoIt Error:
Line 3139 ( file "C:\Program Files ( x86 ) \ HamApps\ JT Alert \ JT Alert.exe )
Error : Variable used without being declared.

Sometimes, when I am quick enough to click on the menu bar of JT Alert, and Alert stays up, WSJT-X decodes will transfer down to the Alret call sign boxes, but then another error message says that UDP is not properly configured in WSJT-X.

Nothing has been changed... All defaults are there and port 2237

Originally.... I was using my one account on this computer and it was the Administrator. Someone suggested that WSJT-X and Alret can't be run from the administrator's account ( ???? What ? and if so... WHY ? )

So, I deleted all USERS ( and associated AppsData ) Uninstalled both
created a second account ( NOT administrator privileges )
Reloaded both softwares ... same results.

Do I need to have a logging program running to make WSJT-X and JT Alert happy ?

What am I missing ?


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