locked Thank you for JT Alert and working with HRD to fix FT4 logging #HRD

David De Coons

Just a Thank You note to Laurie and anyone else involved with the creation, maintaining and testing of JT Alert.

Long time user of JT Alert and HRD and Flex Radio beta tester. I am glad Laurie has worked to solve the FT-4 logging issues with Ham Radio Deluxe logbook. The new staff at HRD are decent fellows and not like the former co-owner Rick. Hopefully going forward the relationship between Laurie and HRD staff will be a good one.

I have been helpingĀ  quite a few hams across the U.S. upgrade and configure WSJT-X and JT Alert to work with various radios and logbook programs. JT Alert is a "must have" utility if you run WSJT-x and a compatible logbook program.

Again, thanks for JT Alert and the effort put in to make it such a great program!

Dave wo2x

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