locked Re: Confused about "Worked B4" is supposed to work

Michael Black

Are you running any of your apps as Administrator?  That can cause this problem.

JTAlert should be using your logger...so what logger do you have set up and does JTAlert show "Success" on logging?

de Mike W9MDB

On Thursday, April 30, 2020, 12:53:26 PM CDT, lmeeny <emachak@...> wrote:


I'm using JTALERT version 2.15.10 and am confused how "Worked B4" should be working. Here are the relevant JTAERT settings made. On the Filters settings page, Do not show worked B4 callsigns is checked. On the Worked B4 settings page no boxes are checked but an Alert Color is set, yellow on a blue background.

Assume I've worked a new station, K3ABC, and the QSO's recorded by DXKEEPER. Some time later on the same band K3ABC again calls CQ. Since I've worked him before I don't expect to see the call shown in a callsign box, yet it is. Also the call's not shown in the alert color scheme. If I return the CQ however a worked before text is shown under the callsign on the station info line. What does JTALERT use for it's worked callsign data base?  If I close JTALERT and reopen and K2ABC calls CQ again it's not shown in a callsign box.

I hope this isn't to confusing as I probably haven't used the correct terminology for elements on the GIU.



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