locked Re: V 2.16.4 not filling in NAME,QTH, or GRID info.

John Kludt K7SYS


I don't know how this works but I started having problems with number of apps after the last Win10 update.  It turned out that I am not sure how but the network had been flipped to "Public" from "Private."  When Is set things back to "Private" things started working again.


On Wed, Apr 29, 2020 at 2:07 PM k6vib@q.com <k6vib@q.com> wrote:
Using WSJT-X newest version. my JTAlert 2.16.4 is missing info even after uninstall/reinstall. See Subject line. Tried the ALT program and got the same thing. Any help? SENT 4-29-2020

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