locked Re: Decodes Window Will Not Open (Windows 10)


I could have added a preamble that explained there were 2 Decodes display issues in this thread.
1. Decodes window initially opens w/o message traffic but starts after Decode window is close/reopened.
2. Decodes window opens but never displays traffic no matter how many Decode window or JT Alert restarts.

If yours is Case #1 then, I agree, it is a minor annoyance that may not be worth deleting/rebuilding your config.
My message was already as tedious as I was tired so I neglected to apply my usual 7th reread/edit :-)

I was commenting on Case #2 wherein the Decodes window never displays traffic regardless of actions.
As I hopefully explained, it seems related to the JT Alert & Decodes processes losing communication.
I surmised that deleting the config data might allow a re-install to re-sync JT main & decodes processes.
My pondering thus focused on how to completely uninstall JT Alert and all of its its configuration data.
Alas, that method also entails the loss of all previously customized user settings
There should be easier ways but I have not found/read the details of the lower level architecture.
I'll research that further - It's probably a simple thing that I have not yet come upon.

I've since found a trick method to retain most (not all) user config data. What I did was to
copy back the SQLIte config DB file from a previous install to the current install's folder.
That resurrected most (not all) config settings while not undoing the re-synced communication.
Unfortunately, it did not resurrect my elaborate list of macros. They may be in another file.
Also think UDP port is in another file so it was not messed up by my SQLite DB restoration.

Laurie and Assoc:
Are there any accessible data on JT-Alert's disk and I/O architecture?
E.g., Outward I/O port operations + internal comms w/Decodes module.
Also descriptions of the purpose, format and location of all config data files.
It would greatly assist in debugging and fixing issues w//o taxing your time.
The initial goals being to figure out how to reset JT-Alert & JT-Decode comms
and to better archive and restore ancillary data like settings, Macros, etc.
There's just too much stuff in Local data folder to properly reverse engineer.
I could start a system utilities package listing basic lower level operations.

TomK 73

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