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Brad Adams



The reason you could not find the files may be due to that Windows is set to NOT show hidden files and folders. If you go to windows explorer, click on “View” in the menu bar, then click “options”. The select “change folder and search options”. Under folder options, select “view”. Then check the radio button that says “show hidden files, folders and drives”. It should look like this:



You should then be able to find the files that Mike told you about.


Brad, N4PYI


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Thanks Mike
I could not find it. I am new to windows 10, my old XP died in Dec. it was a great operating system.
And calling Microsoft customer service is a wast of time.  These free program are not certified
by Microsoft so microsoft wont help, probably because they do not pay royalties to microsoft.

Jim Sherwood, N4UOZ

On 4/26/2020 10:55 AM, Michael Black via groups.io wrote:

Uninstalling JTAlert or WSJT-X does not removing the settings.  Same for JTDX.





For JTAlert



Those directories contain all the configuration information.


JTDX has it's own directory in there so you started a new config with that.


You may find deleting the WSJT-X directory fixes that one too.


de Mike W9MDB





On Sunday, April 26, 2020, 10:47:39 AM CDT, Jim <n4uoz@...> wrote:



HI  TomK

I do not think it is Norton. I am having same problem and do not use Norton.
I using windows 10 Pro with Kaspersky  total security. I done everything you have done
and still not decode, window is blank.  Scope waterfall still shows signal but no decode.
I tried to delete and reinstall but that did not work.
So I installed JTDX  v2.1.0 its base on WSJT,  and it is working.  Its a little different. radio buttons
in different places.

I could never completely delete WSJT, every time I reinstalled it all my setting were there.

Jim Sherwood, N4UOZ



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