locked Re: Decodes Window Will Not Open (Windows 10)


I'll add it to the whitelist but you have to understand nothing changed. I use it 1016 hrs/day. Every day. Every night.
No changes to anything. No updates to Norton.  It just died after JT crashed.
If Norton were the culprit it wouldn't have died in the middle of the day between JT program restarts.
Whitelisting the EXE shouldn't fix anything since the EXE had been running quite well for 100's of hours.
The previous release was running for 1,000s of hours. 
It seems it's the communication between JTAlert and JTDecodes that is failing.
I assume they use a variably assigned UDP port..
Don't see how to unblock a dynamic address.
Nonetheless, I will whitelist the EXE and update y'all.

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