locked Re: Decodes Window Will Not Open (Windows 10)


1. Anti-Virus
Absolutely no change. Been using Norton 100% effectively till yesterday's failure..
No recent Norton updates. No changes. Was working 10-16 x 7 days x 365.
It was then yesterday, in the middle of my DX sessions, JT hung (again) so had to force-kill it.
That was the only anomalous behavior. Then DECODES stopped working. 
As previously noted, I have since uninstalled,reinstalled JT & WSJT multiple times
Plus a few reboots. Nada. Decodes window remains blank.
A great WSJT/JT/ACLog stops and restarts in multiple orders. Nada. Dead DECODES window.

I was referring to the DECODES database since I don't need old DECODES.
That was totally moot since I have JT set to delete DECODES DB after every run.
Old debug trick. Forcing semaphores to flip sometimes fixes a code glitch. Not saying there is one.
I also tried falling back to JT 2.15.x.  No change.  Re-installed 2.16.x.  No change.
It's obvious JTAlert and JTDecodes are communicating.
Assuming they use UDP, I don't know how to force them to align.
Perhaps they use a port that a Windows process or app decided to take over?

Didn't realize how much I depend on DECODES window. My DX work ground to a screeching halt.

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