locked Re: Not automatically logging QSO's running Flex 6400M

Jim N6VH

On 4/25/2020 8:43 AM, Doug May via groups.io wrote:
I have been running JTAert for many years, but I am still learning the Flex 6400M while using WSJT-X. I have the program up and running using SliceMaster. Couple of questions. This is my header {-,20m,ADIF,F,#1}. Not sure how to decode all of this. I am unable to log the QSO with the Flex. When I run FT8 on my FTdx101 the logging functions just fine onto drive E. My setting is E:\AClogADIF.adi and I have enabled Standard ADIF File Logging. Thanks.

The "adif" on your header, indicates, as you said, you are using Standard ADIF Logging. However, later you indicate you are using ACLog. If you want to log to ACLog, you need to check Enable AC Logging under Settings/Logging/ACLog. This will disable Standard ADIF Logging, which should be what you want. Once you check ACLogging, make sure you have the correct log selected in the configuration.


Jim N6VH

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