locked Re: JTAlert 2.16.4 & earlier: Caller's sign mistakenly ID'd as grid, then falsely alerts New Grid - there being no match.


You're not far from my own track.  As there are WSJT activity display and logging glitches - especially with out of sequenced time-stamping, I could see a funky combo that would affect the otherwise successful execution of Laurie's code.  Assuming WSJT's UDP pipe feed is essentially what we see in the "activity window", then the out-of-sequencing glitch might somehow cause a message to be trashed in a sort of time slicing train wreck.  In the infinitesimal chance that was the case, it would explain why I can see the errant messages in the activity windows yet, by the time the logger routine is called, the record is not there to export. It's so much more fun conjecturing than coding 25/8/366. That's one part of my past bit diddling I don't miss - it nearly killed me, quite literally!  I'll ponder it a bit more and throw some increased forensics and data capture at it the next time it rears it's erstwhile head.
Thanks for your thoughts.

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