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On 25/04/2020 12:20 am, Franco HB9oab wrote:
it be possible to have an audio alert or a color for WANTED CALL, but for a part of CALL?

I USE WANTED CALL for any callsign but for example if I search for all AM1WARD AM2WARD AM3WARD AM4WARD AM5WARD AM6WARD AM7WARD AM8WARD AM9WARD AM95WARD

That is AM?WARD or AM??WARD with jocker,

or for ALL *STAYHOME callsign... in a WANTED CALL if not B4

Available "JOCKER KEY"?

Thanks 73

From the help file...

Wild Card Matching:

·Matching against the start of a Callsign only.

·Only a single wildcard character "%" is allowed

·The wildcard is only supported as the last character

·"VK3%" is valid

·"VK%AMA", "VK%A%A", "%AMA" are all invalid.


Important : Wildcard matching is an expensive task, processing wise, and can lead to delays in decode alerting if there are many wildcards defined, especially if there are many decodes to process on a busy band. It is recommended that the number of wildcard filters be kept to a minimum, preferably less than 20.

You will need to enter complete callsigns for each of the "WARD" callsigns.

de Laurie VK3AMA

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