locked Re: JTAlert not connecting to WSJT-X


Are you running any programs 'As Administrator' ??  This can cause communication issues between programs.   Also what antivirus/firewall are you using, they have been known to close UDP ports thus preventing access.


Paul&Tracy Richards

Hello Laurie

Congrats on the fine software

I have dabbled with JT Alert in the past but I now want to use it seriously with a view to chasing Worked All States on FT8 during the Wuhan Virus shut down. I think my prior dabbling has created some problems as when I load JTAlert (I downloaded and installed latest copy after using your deletion instructions for previous copies) but I get the following message on both my shack PCs

Both Windows 10
Trying to link to WSJT-X 2.1.2 / 2.1.0


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