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W3UR Bernie McClenny <bernie@...>

Is the data coming from QRZ.com “detail” tab?

Lookups 7439 (16108)
QRZ Record# 1061264
Last Update 2018-06-09 05:41:31
Latitude 61.226681 (61° 13' 36'' N)
Longitude 17.227266 (17° 13' 38'' E)
Grid Square JP81of
Geo Source User supplied
Bearing 34.4° NE (from W3UR)
Distance 4019.1 mi (6468.2 km)
Long Path 20837.7 mi (33535.0 km)
Sunrise 03:00:59 UTC
Sunset 18:37:19 UTC
ITU Zone 18
CQ Zone 14
IOTA EU-176 Gavleborg County group
Born 1957
QSL Info via Bureo
QSL by Mail? No (e.g. Will this ham QSL by Postal Mail?)
QSL by eQSL? Yes (e.g. Will this ham QSL with eQSL?)
Uses LOTW? Yes (e.g. Does this ham use ARRL's LOTW ?)
Alias Comment
SA3S Used in contests from Remote QTH

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On Apr 23, 2020, at 8:41 AM, Jim Spears <n1nk@cox.net> wrote:

This topic should be changed to "bogus IOTA listing in QRZ.com database". I have found the same thing, somebody whose main station is non-island based can operated from an island from time. Some of these insert the IOTA number in QRZ.com so when JTAlert pulls the QRZ data out, IOTA comes with it. this is not the fault of either QRZ or JTAlert but the user who put IOTA in the listing in the first place. I also monitor data pulled out of QRZ for reasonableness. this can be hard to do with QRZ data stored in Cryllic characters which are difficult to translate.

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