locked Re: JTALert B4 Data is missing

HamApps Support (VK3AMA)

On 24/04/2020 2:47 am, Bob Stothfang wrote:
Is there a way to recover the JTAlert B4 history from the WSJT-X files that are still present on his computer?
The loss of the ACLog data by itself is not a major problem since all of his QSOs (FT8, SSB and CW) were parallel logged manually on a different logging program, Logger32.
Only the B4 data is the important part that is missing. Can the "wsjtx_log.adi" or the wsjtx.txt file be imported into the ACLog program to restore the B4 History?

Bob - W8RES


You don't need to recover JTAlert B4 history as ALL your B4 checks will be done against your enabled logger, ACLog. You simply need to get your lost log data into ACLog (eg via an ADIF import). The JTAlert B4 checks will automatically pickup the newly imported ACLog qsos. The only step you will need to perform is do a JTAlert restart (to force clear any B4 cached data) if JTAlert was running when you imported QSO data in ACLog.

de Laurie VK3AMA

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