locked JTALert B4 Data is missing

Bob Stothfang

I am trying to help a friend recover his JTAlert information after his ACLog (N3FJP) was accidentally overwritten.

His ACLog data file was erased when it became necessary to start a new log file from scratch. Using this new log, contacts have been made and automatic logging to ACLog is restored. However, JTAlert’s B4 history is missing as it is also starting from scratch. As a result every contact and DXCC entity that is decoded is now considered to be a new one.

Fortunately, the original complete log files (wsjtx_log.adi & wsjtx.txt) that are generated by WSJT-X are still intact in their directory path and appear to contain all the information from his first DIGITAL QSO back in 2016 to the present.

Is there a way to recover the JTAlert B4 history from the WSJT-X files that are still present on his computer?
The loss of the ACLog data by itself is not a major problem since all of his QSOs (FT8, SSB and CW) were parallel logged manually on a different logging program, Logger32.
Only the B4 data is the important part that is missing. Can the "wsjtx_log.adi" or the wsjtx.txt file be imported into the ACLog program to restore the B4 History?

Software versions in use...

Bob - W8RES

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