locked Re: JTAlert 2.16.4 & earlier: Caller's sign mistakenly ID'd as grid, then falsely alerts New Grid - there being no match.


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I know the "works on my machine" trope well - hearkens to when we were pushing out ZModem, Fido, Opus, et al.

Luckily I had SnagIt running and captured a few. Let me insert them below with my notes ...

Hold the presses!  I just found another interesting anomaly related to this bug.
Every instance I captured here was accompanied by a LACK of any matching entry in WSJT's ALL.TXT log!
This is strange because I recollect seeing the messages in WSJT's activity windows (Band Activity & Rx Frequency)
I'm also fairly sure I saw the entries displayed in JT's subsidiary activity call matrix.
Despite those activity displays, WSJT didn't log the entries to its ALL.TXT file. "Curiouser and curiouser", cried Alice!

I've included 3 cases below - each with JT's Decode log and the matching time buckets from WSJT ALL.TXT log.

=== Example 1  ===

Here's the 1st one I reported.
Message "9Z4Y AN195A". Caller "AN195A", Dest "9Z4Y".  AN175A copied to the Grid column.
JT certainly treated the called sign as the grid since it then alerted "New Grid"

JT Decodes Display ...

I also exported the WSJT ALL.TXT log entries for the period matching the above time.
Interestingly, ALL.TXT does NOT show the "9Z4Y AN195A" message at 02:03:00 as displayed by JTAlert..
But it does show messages from AN195A immediately before/after 02:03:00.
Here are any AN195A related ALL.TXT entries around 02:03:00 +/- 1 minute less any unrelated ones.

(only messages with "AN195A" included) ...

200423_020245     7.074 Rx FT8      2  0.1 2443 <OA4/EA7TN> AN195A
200423_020300     --- no matching AN195A message to anomaly in JT Decodes ---
200423_020315     7.074 Rx FT8     -4  0.1 1782 <9Z4Y> AN195A
200423_020330     7.074 Rx FT8     -8  0.1 1782 <9Z4Y> AN195A

=== Example 2  ===

Here's a 2nd example.
Message "KC3LOJ AN195A". Caller "AN195A", Dest "KC3LOJ". Nb. AN175A copied to Grid column.

JT Decodes Display ...

WSJT'sALL.TXT Log (only messages with "AN195A" included) ...

200423_020615     7.074 Rx FT8    -10  0.1 2388 <W0LEN> AN195A
200423_020645     --- no AN195A message in the 02:06:45 time bucket  ---
200423_020715     --- no matching AN195A message to anomaly in JT Decodes ---
200423_020730     7.074 Rx FT8    -18  0.1 2018 <KC3LOJ> AN195A  (Xmt bucket shifted to 00/30 ?)

=== Example 3  ===

Here's a 3rd example:
Message "AB5VJ AN195A". Caller "AN195A", Dest "AB5VJ". Nb. AN175A copied to Grid column.

JT Decodes Display ...

WSJT'sALL.TXT Log (only messages with "AN195A" included) ...

200423_033415     7.074 Rx FT8     -9  0.3 1566 EW1ZR W4FO EL88
200423_033430     7.074 Rx FT8    -20  0.1 1720 <AB5VJ> AN195A
200423_033445     --- no matching AN195A message to anomaly in JT Decodes ---
200423_033500     7.074 Rx FT8    -13  0.7 1626 KN4RNO <AM1WARD> -12
200423_033500     7.074 Rx FT8    -22  0.1 1720 <AB5VJ> AN195A

There were numerous other instances with identical results but I didn't capture them.

Ancillary Info:
1. WSJT v02.01.02 used for these latest reports. Been running that version for many months.
2. JTAlert v2.16.4 but previous errors were noted with v02.15.09 (and maybe earlier).
3. Reloaded WSJT & JTAlert numerous times for this and to clear usual memory/crash issues.
3. Caller's Sign always AN195A. But pretty sure previous Call/Grid parse errors included others.
4. WSJT ALL.TXT log displayed call of dest party in "special format" angle brackets: <9Z4Y> AN195A
5. All anomalous entries were with 2-token truncated messages: [Called Sign] [Caller Sign]
6. Sign of called party in these messages was parsed/displayed/alerted as the grid, not as a call sign.
7. Though I loaded latest DB & Sounds files with upgrade to JT v02.01.02 , I saw no change.
    However, will submit separate report re British Female voice announces a new grid as "New Zone"
    Glitch seems flaky. Worked at 1st, then switched to saying "zone". Will investigate further.

Caller AN195A's Info:
QRZCQ reports Call Sign AN195A as: AN195A / Ger, Gerardo Gonzale / Spain / Grid IN80AA
reports a tad less and also does not include a grid no.

Hope that helps and that I am not missing something obvious or silly on my part.
Let me know if there is anything else you need.
TomK / KT1TK / 73

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