locked Re: Am I in JTAlert for JTDX or WSJTx ?


On 4/21/2020 19:17, Dave Garber wrote:
if you wish to use the bat file, just call up jtalert, and set jtalert to do the starting of wsjt-x, and anything else you want
I can't call up wsjtx until DxLab Commander is running. So I let DxLab call it all up in order.

I'll nevertheless take a look at how JtAlert might call up stuff before JTAlert actually ran.

That isn't the problem. I AM calling up the correct JtAlert AS IF I was using the HamApps Shortcuts in the start-menu area. Same call, same pass parameters. And I get the blue icon of jtalert going to that other program.

Oddly, this just happened. No changes that I know of. Suddenly I was appearing to not run JtAlert /wsjtx.

See, there is one Icon shown the correct JtAlert association. There is another showing the incorrect one.


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