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Laurie, VK3AMA

On 21/04/2020 11:39 am, Howard W6HDG wrote:
I think this was discussed a while back but was supposed to have been corrected.  If I hover over a callsign in a callsign display slot, I used to get bearing and distance entries reliably. They seem to only be included occasionally now. What is odd is that if I hover over the same callsign during the next cycle the data can sometimes show up miraculously. I'm not sure where this data is being pulled from but I use QRZ XML membership service and also have QRZ checked under online logbooks with an API key. Ideas?

Thanks and 73,
Howard W6HDG
The Bearing and Distance will only be shown for Callsigns that have produced a decode that included their grid. If no Grid then it is impossible to calculate the Bearing & Distance.

JTAlert does cache grid data for the current session which will allow for the the Distance display for decodes that had no grid.

Stations with complex long callsigns (eg the STAYHOME callsigns) never produce a standard decode with the Grid so will never have the Distance data shown. JTAlert never attempts to determine missing grid data from free-text messages, it needs to be in a standard decode.

Grid data is never pulled from an XML lookup for the real-time decodeing. It only uses that xml data when logging a QSO.

de Laurie VK3AMA

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