locked Re: CRASH


I'm a pleased user of JTAlert, WSJTX, and Log4OMv2.  They work great together.  Please make sure you follow the instructions in JTAlert Help tab on how to setup JTAlert to talk with Log4OMv2.  Last I looked the instructions in Log4OMv2 Help didn't work just right.  The JTAlert Help is the correct way to set it up.  In JTAlert topbar menu: Help >  Open Help File >  Settings >  Logging >  Log4OM V2 (see attached).  Good luck. 73 Herb WB8ASI

On April 18, 2020 at 11:53 AM enzo battaglia <i8bvw.enzo@...> wrote:

Hello to all,
I installed LOG4OM ver 2 - JTDX rc 149 and JTALERT ver 2.16.4 and my pc has Windows 10 os and my starting sequence is first LOG4OM then JTDX and finally JTALERT.
At this point many times I notice that JTALERT does not load the calls in the rows and does not communicate both with JTDX and with LOG4OM so I have to reboot the PC and restart the programs again and finally everything works.
I did not understand if this malfunction is the fault of my pc or I have to change some UDP port or I made some mistakes in the programs setup.
Thanks in advance for the help de Vincenzo I8BVW


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