locked Re: Updating eQSL Membership?


Neither of those two calls use eQSL according to their QRZ pages.
They may have been signed up at one time.

Why not email these gents and ask them if they have ever signed up with eQSL.
If they haven't, then there is a foul smell in Denmark.


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From: "kk5aa_fred via groups.io" <poppafred=yahoo.com@groups.io>
Date: April 17, 2020 at 2:33 PM

9K2OW and 9K2RX were both flagged as eQSL members so I worked them and
uploaded the log to eQSL. When I went in to see if I could ask them to
confirm, eQSL said that neither were members.

Kinda bummed me out.

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