locked Re: Decodes Window Will Not Open (Windows 10)


Laurie,  It happened again this morning upon initial startup, and I see there is a port entry.   I'll reopen the Decodes Window and be good all day.  73 Herb   

On April 15, 2020 at 1:43 AM "HamApps Support (VK3AMA)" <vk3ama.ham.apps@...> wrote:

On 14/04/2020 5:44 am, WB8ASI Herb wrote:
I'm a regular user and big fan of the Decodes Window.  Since 2.16.4, now when I first open JTA, the Decodes Window opens auto with it cuz I always have it displayed, but it stays blank as decodes on the Main Screen continue.  I close the Decodes Window and reopen it, and it is then full and continues as normal.  Not a big deal for me since it's working, but yes something has changed.  73, Herb WB8ASI

Sounds like a timing/initialization issue.
When this happens again, before restarting the Decodes window, have a look at the JTAlert Help-About report. Does the JTAlertV2.Decodes.exe process report a UDP port? Like this (except the port numbers change with each JTAlert sessions). or is the port entry empty?


de Laurie VK3AMA


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