locked Frequent B4 calls are NOT being noted as such

WB5JJJ - George

Running the latest versions of JTA, WSJTx and HRD on a i5 Dell with 12Gb RAM, 250Gb SSD and all updates for Win10 Pro 64. 

Over the past few releases of both WSJTx and JTA (about the time of the new v2 database format), I'm seeing more and more WSJTx logged contacts that are not being properly listed as B4 contacts in JTA.  This is a random event of maybe a couple a night that are completed/logged contacts.  If I work them again, it typically becomes a B4 and silences the alert, but not always. 

I don't know if WSJTx is not sending them onward or JTA is not understanding the data it's receiving, or it's creating a corrupt database entry.  Either way, I keep getting the "wanted" alerts on the next cycle when I just worked and logged them.  The logged station is shown properly logged in the wsjtx_log.ADI, ALL.txt files and HRD Logbook (via WSJTx) as well. 

In talking to a friend, just now, he's seeing a similar situation.  We finally realized that it appears to be stations that were actual new DXCC, and alerting as such.  When we worked them successfully, those stations were not entered into the worked B4 database.  A clue?

Perhaps a mechanism to manually input a call by band/mode into the B4 database, similar to the global ignore, would be helpful.  Add that choice to the right-click info box where you can ignore a contact. 

George - WB5JJJ

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