locked Re: maximun power


Depending on how badly I want the other station or more to the point, how bad
the QRM/N at the receiving end is, I have used the amp up to 400w, but not

The mode is weak received signal, depending on atmospherics and local noise and
electrical noise conditions, even a KW at the transmitter end could qualify as
weak signal at the receiver.

This is how I view the situation, generally I'll run anywhere from 25 to 65
watts normally, very rarely I'll bring the amplifier to the party, but every now
and then...


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From: Dave Garber <ve3wej@gmail.com>
Date: April 14, 2020 at 5:36 PM

can the maximum power be raised . weare running here up to 65 watts, very rare
hiher.  but other have said they run more.  but it tops out at 40.

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