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Maybe it is open but off screen.  Shift Right Click on it in the tool bar...then Move...and use the arrow keys to bring it back on screen.  73, Herb

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I went through the process as you described it, and JT Alert will still not open the decodes window. I did try one other thing, not sure of this means anything or not. I went to the x86/hamapps/jtalert/plugins folder and tried to run the executable for JTAlertV2.decodes.exe. I got an error message “bad command line parameters”. I attached a screen shot of the error.



Thanks for a great application. Don’t want to be a nag, but I sure like the decodes window!





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On 13/04/2020 9:10 am, Brad Adams wrote:

I recently upgraded my computer and in the process moved from Windows 7 Professional to Windows 10 Professional. I am running JT Alert version 2.16.4 and using the Alternate view build. Upon opening the Decodes window, the window appears to open, (flashes on screen for a second) then minimizes and will not maximize. Upon hovering over the icon in the taskbar, the aero window appears but it appears as a white box. Has anyone else seen this?

Brad, N4PYI


This is a new one.  It might be Decodes is choking trying to open its database file.
Try the following...

  • Shutdown JTAlert
  • Open TaskManager and kill the JTAlertV2.Decodes.exe process if it is still running.
  • Using Windows file explorer delete the "Decode" directory and all its files & sub-directories.
    It will be found at %localappdata%\HamApps\JTAlert\<your_callsign>\Decode
  • Start JTAlert and open the Decodes window.

Let me know if this works for you.

de Laurie VK3AMA



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