locked Re: Decodes Window Will Not Open (Windows 10)


I'm a regular user and big fan of the Decodes Window.  Since 2.16.4, now when I first open JTA, the Decodes Window opens auto with it cuz I always have it displayed, but it stays blank as decodes on the Main Screen continue.  I close the Decodes Window and reopen it, and it is then full and continues as normal.  Not a big deal for me since it's working, but yes something has changed.  73, Herb WB8ASI

On April 13, 2020 at 3:33 PM Lawrence Godek <LawrenceG94@...> wrote:

My problem is similar.  When i start JTAlert the decode window open but nothing happens with the main

JTAlert window.  If i make a contact though that info appears in the JTAlert window and at the completion

will write to my Log4om log.  Still nothing else shows in the main JTalert window.  No idea why.

Windows 7 PRO, Log4OM V1, WSJT ver 2.1.2, JT Alert 2.16.4.

Larry W0OGH

On 4/13/2020 4:06 AM, Brad Adams wrote:

I recently upgraded to a new computer which also was an upgrade from Windows 7 Professional to Windows 10 Professional. I am currently running JT Alert version 2.16.4 and it is working well with Log4OMV2 and WSJT-X with the exception of the “Decodes” window. When selected, the window appears to try to open, flashes on the screen then minimizes. When you hover over the icon in the Windows taskbar, the aero pops up and the window appears to be solid white and will not maximize. I have tried running JT Alert as Administrator and in compatibility mode for Windows 7 with no change.


Has anyone seen this behavior?







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