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Did you run the "Scan Log and Rebuild" and then save? 73, Herb WB8ASI

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Thanks Laurie,

I tried that. I've made sure logging is enabled and pointing to the extract from LoTW. In scan log I've enabled scan for Wanted US states and selected Confirmation = Card, then saved. When I scan log the result still shows 50 states needed. How does the scan determine the states from the LoTW log?




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On 11/04/2020 9:05 am:
I'm new to JT Alert and having trouble understanding the process. I use WSJT-X with LoTW. I don't have or want any other logging software. I've set up and enabled Standard ADIF file for logging and pointed it to an extract of my confirmed contacts from LoTW. I expect that when I scan this log it should update my Wanted US States but the scan just sets everything back to 50 wanted states on each band. 

Is there a way to use the extract of confirmed contacts from LoTW to set the "Wanted" pages?
How does JT Alert determine that a QSO has been confirmed by LoTW?

Since your using an LoTW generated ADIF file you will need to use the "Card" confirmation checkbox for the Scan, NOT the "LoTW" checkbox.

LoTW adif exports of confirmed QSOs don't use the adif <LOTW_QSL_RCVD> tag, but use the <QSL_RCVD> tag for LoTW confirmed status. I don't know why they choose to not use the LoTW specific tag.

de Laurie VK3AMA




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