locked Re: KH6 as FL ? #HamSpots

HamApps Support (VK3AMA)

On 10/04/2020 5:14 am, Franco HB9oab wrote:
Could anyone tell me or have a formula on how US calls are also recognized with the respective state and CQzone in JTalert?

Is there a specific form of the call to understand how they are recognized, or is a database callsign?

For example, I heard KH6M this afternoon and thought it was Hawaii, instead it turns out to be FL. ;-)

sry, I hadn't turned on JTalert to check if he was giving it to me.

Thanks, 73s

JTAlert looks at the Callsign naming to initially determine the country of origin. If the Callsign is recorded in the FCC Callsign database with a CONUS State, than JTAlert will override the initial country determination. There are numerous US based callsigns using Callsigns that identify as Hawaii, Alaska, Guam, etc, they are automatically adjusted to Alert and Log as the US.

Regarding KH6M, JTAlert correctly identifies him as being in the US State of FL.

de Laurie VK3AMA

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