locked Audio Alerts Delayed

John Petrocelli


   I continue to notice that in some instances, the audio alerts (EG. CQ & Own Call) can be delayed for up to 10 seconds.

   The decoded callsigns are populated quickly and display status colors promptly, so it seems to not be related to this.

   I have tried several different variations including only running WSJT-X & JTAlert -- no other activities or programs running.

   I have also turned off Band Activity display AND even elevated the process priority to "Above Normal" and "High"

  My environment:
    Win 7  x64 with 8GB RAM with a 1TB HDD
   I use only ADIF logging
   There are about 108,000 records in the ADIF file that is read at startup

Has anyone else seen this behavior ???

Suggestions are welcome !

John R. Petrocelli - WA2HIP
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